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>>  Thursday, June 25, 2009

On-line grocery shopping: the savour of the fraught working mother. This wondrous invention bought me back 3 hours of every weekend, for that alone I will always love it (not to mention being able to shop in my dressing gown whilst drinking wine - they used to get really uppity about that in store.)

However, when it is good it is very very good and when it is bad it is horrid.

Take my chicken, well don't : it's rancid. When shopping on-line you have to rely on the good sense of the picker to find you a suitable commodity.

This Sunday when the chicken was taken out of its wrapper ready to be roasted it was clearly green and smelt rather bad. hohum

I rang the store today. (Yes I know it's Wednesday but things have been busy). They are usually very good in the refund of unsuitable/broken/missing area, today I got Mrs JobsWorth.

"My 'in date' chicken was rotten when I opened it on Sunday, green and leaking"
"Where is it now?"
"in the dustbin"
"Can you retrieve it?"
"Sorry? Are you asking me to get a 7 day old uncooked chicken, that was off 3 days ago, out of a dustbin when it's been over 20C here all week?"
"We need the packaging posting to us"
"Please call my husband"

(yes, I know it's mean to dump on him but he can generally stay polite in situations where I will explode in anger and lose the plot entirely.)

5 mins later Husband calls:
"Would you believe I've just had the Grocery store on the phone asking if we can get the chicken out of the dustbin and send them...."

I think we should just chalk this one up to experience and thank our lucky stars the bin men come tomorrow!


Working Mum 8:06 pm  

Yes, I'm a fan of on-line grocery shopping and generally, touch wood, have had very sensible choices. I do add notes to some things, but I wouldn't have thought of adding a note to a chicken to say "fresh one, please" - common sense really!

Stephanie 8:11 pm  

Gross! Did he do it??
Must say I am insanely jealous that you can shop for grocery's on line!!

AGuidingLife 12:23 am  

he didn't retrieve it!

On-line grocery shopping is the best - all the major stores do it -on the right day at the right time it is free - start campaigning for it!

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