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>>  Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hubby is away again for a while. (He is unfortunately in a different country to his luggage but that is another story)

I will miss him I always do but there is no point in being miserable about it.

So I'll relish in my freshly changed bed, oh those clean crisp cool sheets all for me with no tug of war overnight.

I have no intention of going anywhere near the cooker, the sports channels are excommunicated and the bath towel (the obligatory size of a small African country) belongs all to me.

I know there will be no bedside cup of tea waiting when I open my eyes in the morning but then you can't have it all. (After all, If I did have it all where would I put it!)

So I promise I will be dutifully lonely and will genuinely be happy to have him home again when he comes but in the mean time I think I will just have to make the best of it...and oh those lovely sheets!!!


Coding Mamma (Tasha) 10:37 pm  

You get a cup of tea in bed every morning? Wow! I would love that. Unfortunately, I'm the morning person in the house, so it's very rare indeed.

Katherine 11:25 am  

Tagged you at mine (hope you don't mind)

Working Mum 5:44 pm  

Beside cup of tea? How do you manage that?!

PS I have often been in a different country to my luggage; you learn to accept it after a while......

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