Home Working (in the third world?)

>>  Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Working from home is hard (yes honestly!!!).

Today I had 3 power cuts of short duration but they took down my router, so I lose my VPN and so my server connections.....you get the picture.

I was getting rather annoyed with it all until I started to think about people without at all (no this isn't an aren't we lucky lecture) and it reminded me of something I had read:

This holds 2 of the funniest news quotes I have ever heard: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/3107756.stm

"Only two weeks ago we had the power cut. I'm pretty browned off with living in south London."
Really! If only the power didn't go out once a fortnight everything in South London (and the rest of the UK) would be perfect!

"I have just brushed my teeth with mineral water. It is like living in the Third World."
Actually no, if your brushing your teeth with mineral water you bought at the 7/11 mate - you aren't in the Third World. Get a grip.

So I decided to get a grip and stop getting annoyed, and anyway Sainsburys delivered right in the middle of the 2nd power cut - perfect timing (so ok working from home has some benefits!)


Coding Mamma (Tasha) 7:21 am  

I remember a power cut once, when we were in a major panic trying to meet a deadline. We'd both been working into the early hours and up early again. The power cut came and at first we were more in even more of a panic: 'How are we going to manage it? It's just not possible!'

When we realised it wasn't possible, I phoned the client using the mobile and informed that we had a power cut and therefore would not be able to finish the work until the next day. They were, of course, fine. So we went down to the living room and got out the Trivial Pursuits, opened a bottle of wine and had a completely unexpected afternoon off. It's quite possible that the electricity came on within half an hour, but we didn't do any work for the rest of the day. Wonderful!

(And I find it very annoying, too, when people compare some small inconvenience, like bin men going on strike, or the petrol strike, to 'living in the Third World'. Yup. That's exactly what it's like. Of course.)

Jen 9:03 am  

I love home-working, which I know is not the point of what you wrote! My current job is office-based and I get much less done!

Stephanie 4:48 pm  

Ah..the power outage. Maybe it's a sign to take a break?? I mean how can you expect to work with no power. Time for a NAP!

Lola 2:25 pm  

What an interesting post! I'll be back soon to read through older ones!

Take care


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