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>>  Monday, May 11, 2009

Having been divorced, and co-parenting across 2 homes, I would be the first to say a child is best off with 2 parents that live together, a stable happy home etc etc.

Today though I found an upside and I rarely see them.

Daughter went off on a 5 day residential with school. She had a few moments of worry leading up to the day and I said "imagine you are going on holiday with dad but without dad or on holiday with me but with out me!!" The image clearly worked for her, she was a bouncy ball of excitement and happiness this morning ready to take on a world of fun and adventure.

There were many sobbing mums at send off this morning. I am very used to having to see my precious go off for days at a time. ( I don't like it but I'm used to it.) There were some sobbing children...but not Cog.

I've sent her off with 3 rules :

Listen to instructions
Smile Lots
Find the Fun in Everything

She seemed to be going hell-bent on following them this morning - hope it lasts all week.


Jen 7:43 pm  

I hope she has a blast - I seem to be the only Guider whose daughter isn't off on a school residential this week!

Working Mum 10:30 pm  

Fabulous advice! And a lot of truth in your post.

Stephanie 6:58 pm  

Oh I love the
"Find the fun in everything"
Such good advice.
PS Regarding my post: I can't believe some old kill joy would ever give kids a hard time over side walk chalk. Must be a sad bitter old bat.

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