Margo Maybe?

>>  Sunday, May 10, 2009

This weekend I discovered that Felicity Kendall I will never be!!!!!

I am now growing raspberries, tayberries, blackberries, strawberries, courgettes, pumpkins, butternut squash, tomatoes, peas, rhubarb, onions...the list continues to grow.

But the money I have spent in putting this little vegetable garden together would have fed the family for a month. I have vine weevil larvae eating the roots and greenfly attacking the leaves (already!) I have spent the weekend planting, digging, squashing (bugs), lugging, shifting, lifting and I never once hit the glorious goal of looking cute with muddy smears, giggling sweetly or attracting hubby enough for playful banter and pats!!!

I rather hope I didn't hit the Margo end of the spectrum!!!!!

I have a bemused wondering if I could slide into "a couple of bags of frozen veg and put the feet up" life style. I doubt it though - I enjoy a good challenge and those pesky bugs have not seen the last of me yet!


Working Mum 10:58 pm  

If you discover the secret of warding off the bugs, let me know. I've got my peas in pots to stop the snails, slug pellets all over my rhubarb and my tomatoes in grow bags on top of gravel, in a bid to grow two meals' worth of food. At least daughter is learning where food comes from!

Stephanie 12:20 am  

I'm impressed with anyone who even trys! The rabbits eat every flower I plant around here I can't imagine what they would do to an incredible garden like that!

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