Small Talk

>>  Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I can't do adult small talk, I just end up saying the wrong thing.

Conversation of note from tea break at a Guiding training:

"Hey Dee, how are you? It's been a while" : on recognising a leader from a pack I used to be at

She smiled nicely but not much else given for me to work with, I desperately rack brains for something to bring up.

"How's A? I've not seen her since the wedding" (Yes! the old brown owl - good move)
"Divorced" (Bugger!)

"That's a shame, how's V?" (Try for the old DC instead)
"Her husband left her" (Bugger 2)

I'm struggling now and don't know how to move away from the subject:
"hmmm, still they getting by? "
"No, they are both very depressed and not doing well at all"

ok - I think time to shift back to her:
"Still on the Dialysis?"
"yes but it's not going well, I've been really ill"
"ohh dear, and your sister?"



Jen 9:07 am  

eek - I think you did hit a bad luck run there though!

Working Mum 7:13 pm  

OMG You think she'd have thrown you a bone!

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