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>>  Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I have been ill recently, quite ill. (Tired, sore throat, almost Flu -sort of thing.) I been backwards and forwards to the doctors for blood tests etc. The most recent advice was "stop blogging"!!!

He asked me how I relax in the evening; I said I spent time on the computer surfing*, blogging etc. He didn't look impressed, I'm glad I didn't throw my Facebook Fairy Garden into the conversation! Apparently, it is not relaxing and I should try to relax more, he suggested reading instead.

Ok - I can take this on board - I switched the computer off and the inner conversation goes
"....hmmmm...ok....read....bored....tv....rubbish....crossword....hmmmmm...oooo...look at the crumbs under the microwave I'll wipe that....gosh those cupboards need a wipe...the floors a wee bit sticky....I could make the meals for the week whilst I do tonight's....."

So I have a fridge full of home prepared ready to reheat meals for the week, my kitchen spangles in cleanliness, the ironing pile is no more, the floors shine....I'm pooped and the throat is exactly the same...

...so here I am back for a rest and a bit of peace & quiet!

*for surfing read shopping unless hubby is reading then it is just looking


Jen 8:53 am  

Stop blogging? What textbook did he read that in? Blogging IS relaxing, you get everything out!

Working Mum 2:35 pm  

My doctor doesn't even try to tell me to relax anymore. He just shrugs and says "You're a teacher, aren't you?" as if that explains why I am tired, ill and run down.

Working Mum 2:37 pm  

PS I'm now blogging in secret at work during my lunch 'cause I can't face anymore marking - took me a few minutes, but I found a way round the blog blocker! How addicted is that?

AGuidingLife 11:31 pm  

yep - very! I know whatyou mean though - becuase I did excatly the same thing today :0)

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