Dealing with Disappointment

>>  Friday, May 08, 2009

My daughter was so excited this week to have been picked to represent her school at area sports. She rang me at work as soon as she got out of school on the day she "qualified" and has talked about it with an unusual level of enthusiasm and excitement since.

Today she rang (at 2 minutes past school out) in tears to tell me there had been a mistake and the teacher had told her this morning they had picked too many people for the team and she wasn't in.

I said very supportive things and made the right noises but inside my heart was breaking. I can't help, I can't fix it, I can't make it happen.

I guess this is the first in a long line of things where I will have to watch her deal with life's downs and just support her as I can BUT I so want to fix it. It is such a hard thing.

A learning curve for us both.


Jen 3:18 pm  

Oh poor thing! I am not surprised she is devastated.

You're being a good mum, supporting her but not trying to fix it. I would definitely let the teacher know she was disappointed the next time you see her.

But I imagine the teacher herself must have felt awful when she realised she had to let someone down, I remember one time telling 11 Brownies they had places on a trip that only had space for 10 and it was an unbreakable ratio for safety and I felt terrible telling the 11th one to return her form that she could not go.

(((Hugs))) for H.

Working Mum 11:42 am  

I hope the teacher broke it to her gently. As Strictly said, I'm sure the teacher felt awful. I had to choose just five children from my year 7 class for a National Competition and I know others were disappointed not to be chosen; I felt awful, but said there would be another chance for them next time.

I guess you just have to see it as a life lesson and support her in her disappointment.

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