In praise of cereal

>>  Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hubby is away for a few days. Daughter is either eating at Grandma's (after school) or at her dads. So tonight I worked out I didn't NEED to cook again until Monday lunchtime. Blimey!

So the questions is do I need/want to eat!!!!

Today was porridge and 2 lots of tomato soup and toast. But I think I can go one better - cereal : the easy meal of the century! I have one cupboard with variety pack left overs, they often fall out when the door is opened and I know no one will ever eat them. So why did I not throw them away? For reasons such as the next 3 days!!!!

"One further thought is : If I pour the milk straight into the plastic bag in the carton, I will only have to wash up a spoon! Ah, the bliss of living alone and no one else knowing your bad habits. "
Oh no, I just said that out loud!!!!!


TopChamp 9:24 am  

ha ha - nice idea but I love cooking so would probably end up making something even if it were just me. I do notice though that when I go away my boyfriend never touches any of the food in the house except the loaf of bread which disappears in its entirity.

Jen 12:50 pm  

Surely you can just lick the spoon if you're the only one there? ROFL!

Working Mum 7:01 pm  

And as a bonus you'll be doing the Kelloggs diet and lose 2lb in the process. Perfect!

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