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>>  Monday, May 18, 2009

Daughter went to a skating party this week. Normally at least 5 parents join in but this time there was one dad and me.

I was fine, I stayed out of the way of the kids and didn't try to "join in" or be one of them, just me and a dad skating around in circles and not interacting with each other either, occasionally stopping to pick up a fallen child or have a chat with my watching friend.

This was fine until the "just dropping off and plan to pick up later parents" started to gather by the door. Up until that point I had been quite graceful.

Now my legs were tired and I was aware they were watching. "Just one more round and I'll stop" was the fatal thought.

A boy suddenly buzzed across in front of me and made me squeal (look an idiot score 1)
Second child came quickly from behind making me waddle some (look an idiot score 2)
Third child falls over in front of me, I completely lose my balance and land somewhere in the middle of children 3,4&5 very ungracefully (look an idiot score 3)

Children all bounce back up and depart (how do they do that?)

I hurt but have to pretend I don't and try to look happy about it all. Problem is I can't get back up with 8 wheels underneath me and nothing to hold onto. I struggle to side of hall on hands and knees until daughter can stop laughing enough to come and help me back up (look an idiot score 500)

I never have held much credibility with the school gate mum upper echelons, now I know I never will!

look an idiot 500 / care factor 0

Plan to keep on having fun and probably very ungracefully


Stephanie 2:33 am  

Grace is over rated. Everyone loves a Mommy who jumps in and plays!

Jen 9:20 am  

Ah, good on you for being there! And stuff the upper echelons!

Working Mum 10:23 am  

I can see myself in that post. Never 'in' with the school gate mums, but having fun with the kids.

Think we've got the right idea!

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