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>>  Sunday, May 24, 2009

Driving to work on a squally day last week, a small bird was thrown through the air at such a force. It hit the road and in my rear view I could see it on it's back flapping desperately.

It was a matter of time before it would gets squished, I felt I ought to stop but what would I do with a baby bird anyway.

This image of a desperate creature kept coming back to me all day and I drove home a different way not wanting to face the road-kill reality.

I told my daughter about it that evening. "Don't worry mum, it's mummy will have flown down and picked it up and taken it back to the nest". She said it with such conviction, how could I not believe her. And what wonderful faith in a mummy's ability!

All the same I'm still avoiding the road, I am happier with my daughter's rosy view of the world and would still prefer not the have the image shattered!!


Working Mum 11:24 am  

See, you're doing such a good job she thinks mummies solve everything!

PS Award over at my place

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