Rangers 20 random things - online meeting

>>  Tuesday, May 12, 2020

We needed to get Reflect Stage 5 Constructive Communities finished to allow 1 ranger to finish a theme.  It felt like a tricky challenge to do online

We started with tower building, each of them had been told to have random things ready to build a tower.  Some of them were more random than others

but this alone was not enough to meet an aim of co-operation and compromise.

But another leader had posted a 20 Random things exercise into a forum so I asked the Rangers to bring 20 random things to the meeting too.   And then read out this list to them one thing at a time:

1. Something made of a textile
2. The oldest thing in your collection
3. Something with writing on it
4. Something with a story that you’d like to share.
5. Something heavy
6. Something you made
7. Something damaged
8. Something that was a gift
9. The thing you’ve had longest
10. Something you bought yourself
11. The most brightly-coloured thing you have left
12. Something you’d like to give away
13. Something that you’ve given a name to
14. Your most recent acquisition from what’s left
15. Something that makes you smile
16. Something that you can’t think why you’ve kept it
17. The softest thing you have left
18. Something hard
19. You decide what to get rid of this round – there’s only one round left!
20. And finally – something that is only one colour

Items can be used once only, and then put aside. The aim is to be sufficiently ingenious to have nothing left at the end!  And one of them managed it.

But here is the twist, I did it a second time with them and the challenge was they all had to finish with nothing or they all lost but item 'swapping' between them was allowed.  They had to work together as a group working out what items they might 'trade' to ensure they all got through every round.

It worked well, they talked about their things, shared their things (virtually) and more of them ended up with no things at the end.

It felt like a sterling team effort from them and the 'I want to win' nature of some of them was challenged hard.

So acknowledgement to Caroline Selwyn-Jones for a great idea for an online night, which I then hacked into a team came, and hammered into a skills builder!!

Flexible Guiding rules!


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