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>>  Thursday, April 16, 2020

Our county ran a residential over Easter (yes, during lockdown) That involved as many of us that wanted to getting involved in an Easter Adventure Party.

Across the County we saw photos of little Rainbows and Brownies, bigger Guides and Rangers putting up tents in their back gardens or sleeping in baths and everything in between.
 I ran a ranger online session 3pm to 5pm.  5 of them turned up, in fancy dress.
 We made easter rabbits.

We managed to pull in a bit of program with a scavenger hunt, which they really enjoyed and I will do again when short on virtual meeting ideas as it took minutes to 'sort out'!

We finished that session off with Disney movies charades - which included a girl taking her phone out to the road and pointing at tar for Tarzan - "get back inside"  we all yelled!

 At 8pm we kicked off again, the fancy dress got better with a mad hatter (wish I could show you the makeup and hat) and a full on rabbit with a rhubarb leaf hat, joining us.
Some built real fires

Some were nagged to got put shoes on because camp rules still apply even if the leader is not there!
 Some opted for the indoor fire
 Most packed a bag despite only moving to another room.

 Some set up dens

Some went full bivvy.

We played online Bingo, Pictionary (using Zoom's whiteboard and a random word generator), heads up with a phone app, Beetle with online dice 

We even managed to play Guess Who.  We made fake moustaches and beards, wore hats and glasses etc I was surprised at how well that worked out

We filled 5 hours with games and chatter.

It was fairly intense for me as a leader but it did give me a chance to try out a few games with my very forgiving and inventive Rangers before I run a games night for the leaders in my district.

I'll let you know how that goes!


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