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The March hill walk (which turned out to be the last for sometimes as they have since been cancelled) started in Blockey.  I was pleased to have my walking friend back from a long stay away in foreign climes so whilst the Cotswolds hides its hills fairly well and is not my favourite walking place, it was a chance to have a good catch up.
 On the Monarch Way to Broad Campden and then Chipping Campden
There was a lot of lying water around,
 But Spring was in the air and everything was starting to feel a little greener.
 There is plenty of interesting architecture in the villages.
 All with the Little Lord Fauntleroy air that brings in the American tourist thick and fast.
 The grade 2 listed  Quaker
meeting house in Broad Campden with 'friends of the' looking out as we walked past.

One of the problems of walking in large groups is you can't just stop as you feel like it as you would alone, I would have stopped here to have a chat and find out more.
 Lady Juliana's Gateway outside Chipping Campden
 And on towards Broadway
 Through quite a lot of mud!
 On the Cotswold way
 Broadway Tower stood proud in the distance
 It's an 18th century folly (Things built by people with too much time and money on their hands!)

We didn't go in obviously but actually it looks like it is worth a visit and there is a nuclear bunker there too.

 Great views over the Malverns.
 We carried on through privileged living lanes
 And lovely woods.
 "truffula trees"
 With good signage
and followed the rainbow back to Blockey.

14.5 miles, 1700ft

An easy day out and good company.


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