>>  Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The day started at a Shrine to St Bertram in   Stoney Middleton.  This is the village that left food at the 'staging post' for the self isolated nearby Eyam during the plague.

 So whilst the day promised nothing but mizzle and mud, it was starting out interesting and our small group of 4 headed onto Eyam.

Eyam is always full of interest and if you haven't read about it you should.
As we carried on to Foolow and then climbing higher, the mist started to clear away.

 It is so good that I am starting to know this area and immediately recognised this road block, the land slide has still not been sorted!
 But onward
 I was rather pleased we headed west here, as over to the east was a path I knew we'd had problems with before in this type of weather.
We headed off over Abney Moor which is starting to recover from the fires but not completely, not yet.
The sun was winter low but welcome
 And for February, it was a pleasant sit for lunch.  Worryingly warm really.
 We carried on, and I've seen this post a few times now.
 This landscape never stops giving in views.
 Or mud!
 Onto Shatton and finally Bradwell. We even saw a great view of Win Hill which I still haven't been up to the top of yet.  Must make the effort one day!
Despite the weather promising poor it turned out to be a really pleasant 13 miles and 1600ft.  It was good company and so easy in a small group.

Another day worth getting up early for.


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