Winter Camp 2020

>>  Monday, January 27, 2020

It's been 3 years since I took Rangers on an outdoor winter sleepover at our (fairly) local campsite.

I think the break from it was right, I had a really good turn out and I guess that's because none of them had done it before.

They lit fires and we discussed hypothermia and heat stroke - so we covered off 2 UMAs: Light My Fire and Climate Control.

We had chips around the fire

And whilst it was cold,it wasn't too bad so we sat around the fire until the embers were dying.

3 Rangers took their promises too, in pyjamas in the pods and we pinned the badges to their woolly hats!

A bacon fry up in the morning, clear the fire, collect up some wood from around the site to replace a lot of what we'd used from the wood shed and home.

When I first did this it seemed so scary and quite a big job to manage but it was no bother this year really just living the dream in a (cold) field!


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