Friends in a field

>>  Friday, October 11, 2019

 It had been a while so it was time to meet friends in a field again.

I set my stall early.

Collected wood.

 kept my reputation as 'one match' KV.
 And we were off
 For a night of food, fire and chatter.
 A large full moon rose and we talked until late.

(Marginally later than the Brownies that had been marched around the field with torches by their leaders in a vague attempt to wear them out for a night of sleep)
 We cooked up bacon for breakfast and sat talking again.
 watching the sun rise in place of the moon.

The fire place was cleared (better than when I arrived!)

 But it was too nice a morning to just go home.
 So I set off for a run, the locals seemed keen to watch closely.
 I went down a disused railway for a few miles until I hit a sea of nettles.
So I turned around and headed for home.

And immediately booked another night in a field!


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