Still Den Building (Have Adventures Camp Stage 5)

>>  Sunday, June 23, 2019

Every summer term the rangers ask to go Den building

We are really lucky that we have a park fairly close by that provides a great area for it and it is used by schools  a  lot during the day and Guiding and Scouting groups outside school hours.

When I arrived, there was a Brownie unit and a Beaver group just leaving.
 For the Stage 5 Have Adventures Camp skills builder it fits a clause.  So, at least for this year, that is useful.
 The area was well built up when we arrived and we had to dissemble some great shelters to get going.
 They really enjoy this activity
 and the sitting around in it chatting

they like to do that


and onto the park

It's good to be able to let yourself go again once in a while.


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