Den Building

>>  Monday, July 20, 2015

 It's good to be able to get out and about when the weather is good.

One of our local parks has a den building area with lots of good logs.
 Which are great for making good dens!

The Rangers did some really good ones.

And they got the opportunity to climb some trees too.

It made me slightly nervous as a leader, asking them to test some weight on top of their shelter before going under and holding my breath with each tree climb but it's important that they get the opportunity to do this sort of thing and risk a broken arm, well exams are over now at least!

They did a bit of orienteering too.
 There also happens to be a very good park with equipment big enough for big people.

 And at the time we went it was empty.
 They had a good time just chillin'

a lovely way to spend a summer evening.


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