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>>  Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Thinking Day is generally a time we try as a district to have a bigger coming together of units in an event, it tends to be geared towards Rainbows and Brownies. Maybe because it is easier to run activities suited to this age group in a hall and you normally get a better turn out, but then maybe we get a better turn out from that age group because of the type of activities it is. But anyway, it tends to be what we do and it is good for the younger girls to get an understanding that they are part of a bigger thing than just their unit and that there are more leaders than just their own.

As usual I put my hand up to help and then almost immediately regretted it but anyhoo, a call to the community on local social media groups had bottles a plenty being delivered to my door to a perplexed HWMBO (I really should warn him that random strangers would be turning up handing over bags of stuff, but it's happened so often over the years he just sends me texts of "some woman turned up with a bag of ..... so I said thank you") 

Another leader and I had a chatty evening of cutting up 100 bottles

And drilling lids.

Finding odds and ends that would make for an interesting feel, cutting holes in boxes.
laminating content cards

And games instructions.

My poor little mini was full to the limit again taking everything there.

The blindfolded/gloved feel and guess what it is table was set up.

And more bottles dutifully cut and drilled.

Other leaders had spent similar times planning, prepping and setting up stations.

And a good time was had by all.  So good I forgot to take photos of what they did or even what we did!

So basically this, except not so coordinated when patterned by rainbows, but the love was there all the same and they did like playing with them.


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