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>>  Saturday, January 05, 2019

I had an extended conversation over Christmas with my brother about his walking experiences in foreign climes.  Now I will give him his dues, he has done some hard and fulfilling things but as I added into the conversation about things I had done this year I got a real sense of understanding about why I never feel validated and my total lack of confidence with anything I do. 

He pointed out that walking in this country is a waste of time and not worth it. That people that walk in groups aren't doing it properly.  That basically what I have done and do is not creditable.

So for the record, just to cheer myself up, here are some of the things that don't count:

High up in the hills

10th in age group

High on a mountain, and going higher.

Signing up for virtual challenges and completing them.

Over coming park run nerves and joining in.

Finishing races (starting is the hardest bit, those nerves!)

More park runs

High hills on hot days

Long walks of fast miles

And even higher mountains.

It's been a hard year with Cog's illness and the fact I have been getting out and doing stuff at all is a feat in itself, but it makes me feel good and I am proud.

These things were all challenges and every one of them will be a lasting memory of happy days, good friendships and achievements.

They do all in fact count as does everything we all do every day.

On a run this week, a short run, nothing special, I saw 2 red kites, a buzzard and a barn owl - that made that run a worth while outing - it all counts!


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