Mowsley mid month

>>  Saturday, December 29, 2018

 For the first time since joining the local hill walking club I went on a local mid month walk.  I was tempted by it starting quite close to home, a walk-able distance.

So I walked a mile up to the starting point and from there the group walked across towards Mowsley.
 I know these fields but have never been through them,  it was good to be local but be on paths I'd never walked before.
It was also the best weather for walking, in my opinion.  Cold enough to be wrapped up but not sweating whilst walking.
 The ice was forming on the water hidden from the sun.
 And the tractor paths were wet.
 Mowsley church has an ancient thatch mud wall around it still.

 We sat in the church to have a mince pie and a warm drink from our flasks.

I was wondering about how unusual it is not to have stained glass at the back of the altar.
 But then why would it be needed when nature gives the best reminder of God's work.
 We walked onto Laughten, then turned towards Foxton then the familiar paths from Gumley towards home.
 I run around here a lot, but for the first time I saw 2 red kytes flying around the gorse hill.

I see a lot of buzzards and the odd barn owl regularly.
 We were back on the Leicestershire Round
 It's so nice up here, not far from towns but it feels like it's a long way from anywhere.

A good morning's 10 mile walk. And with out the bus travel  of the longer monthly walk it didn't fill the whole day.

I'd go on a mid-monther again.


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