Ribbon of Red

>>  Sunday, November 11, 2018

This year I decided to join in with the Ribbon of Red initiative Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the end of the great war 1918 - 2018

We used a piece of land in the centre of our village

Brownies, Guides and Rangers all had packets of seeds and we all went on the same night to scatter them.

It was a good get together.  It's good for the leaders to meet up, for the girls to mix.  It was a fun few hours.

But you might also remember spring was very late starting in 2018 and then it was very dry.  So the reality was that they just didn't germinate.

But poppy seeds are hardy and I'm sure in a few years they will take off.

In the meantime, my Ranger unit decided to do something more immediate and paint some stones to leave in the garden.

They might also help people in the future remember why there are so many poppies there (When they finally grow!)

We left them by the gate for the lady that looks after the garden to place them around.  She also potted up a  tub of poppies that she tended with more care to show us at least some real flowers.


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