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>>  Friday, August 24, 2018

I've been struggling with coming up with the best way to introduce the new programme to my ranger unit,  in order to plan what to do they need to understand the nitty gitty of how may hours of this and parts of that it all involves.

There is a beetle type activity in the Autumn 2018 Guiding magazine but it is light weight on detail and I like the rangers to be up and running fast on any activity.  So I've come up with a 'game card' for them to use.

I plan to quickly run through the themes with them and pin up the dice making poster that came with the magazine.

Set up 2 tables away from the 'playing area':
One with the programme resources on: the skills builder cards, the unit meeting activity cards and printed out interest badges (These can be printed from the official website directly but it is untidy and wastes ink, HQ have given permission to hold copies of the badge and syllabus to download and show the girls or for printing out if you don't have wifi in the meeting place) 
One with sweets, biscuits, cut up fruit or whatever type of treat will motivate the Rangers best.

They will each throw the dice in turn (use smaller groups of girls if you have a large unit).  They need a six to start.  On a six that girl can go to the resource table and choose a theme. She can write it on her playing card.

After that, on each turn as she throws the dice and if she gets a number she needs, she can fill up her Theme section in any order, either going to the resources table or the treats table as indicated on the card.  When she fills it she can shout 'THEME' and get an extra treat.

Once she has her 'THEME' she can move on to trying to throw a 1, 2 or 3.  Once she has them ticked off she can shout 'GOLD' to win.

Let your girls decide whether they want to play on until they all get GOLD or restart the game.

I'm going to use laminated cards and dry wipe markers, but keep a note of what they write in the bonus box, for planning later. The bonus box is not required for a win - it is just a bonus.

I'm hoping this will get them familiar with the structure of the theme awards, the concept of the Section gold award, the cards themselves and the interest badges.

Once we've played and treated out, I'll remind them that interest badges are out of unit activities, and UMAs and Skills Builders will be done in the unit setting. Hopefully they will have seen a skills builder they fancy for the term and can decide between them what they might like to do as a unit (we are too small to do it in groups to start off with).

They also might have seen a few UMAs they fancy.   The UMAs they do should be from a different theme to the Skills Builder they choose for a good balance, but to start off I'm not going to be precious about it.  If they can find stuff they want to do from the new resources I'll just be happy with that, I've not been especially impressed with the activities and if they are happy and motivated to do them then I will be made up.

So this is my plan for introducing the new programme to the unit - the usual way: games and food - it's always worked before so I  see no reason to change that pattern!  Wish me luck.

As always, the resources are available to download here if you want to use them.  But, please, I spend so much time on these things, don't repost them as your own in other forums, be polite and credit me.


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