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>>  Monday, July 23, 2018

The Ranger programme has had an overhaul, so the term Look Wider has gone, but anyone that has been in Guiding for a while will recognise it as a restructure of same sort of programmes we've
always had, it's just consistent through all the ages now.

I have been recording Look Wider Activity like this for years,  I started out giving the girls official
record books which they all consistently lost or failed to ever bring to meetings, so I gave up and used a single sheet in a paper file that they would look at during meetings. I think it helped them stay in touch with their progress on the journey to an award and in touch with our core programme.

So all change!   We will now be recording the girls' progress into our online system, which is really important for consistency when they move up to new sections and different around units. It will help us see how they are doing, and as a result, how I'm doing as a leader running the programme.

But my girls don't use the online system, I've nagged them for years to sort their logon and update their own records etc but they aren't interested.  To be fair why would a 14 year old be, you can take a horse to water and all that, so they aren't going to be looking at there progress there.

Girlguiding have produced official record books again for the girls to lose and they are really nice, but I know they won't actually bring them to meetings.  So I've decided to, at least initially, continue with a single sheet recording system for the meetings.  Because I know it motivates them and it really helps me.

So, for now, my new version looks like this:

And because there is the inevitable transition period for the girls that have been working on the old programme, this interim one.
Regardless of interim or new, if they get there then there is also the final stage of the Award journey.  I suspect most of mine won't get there and not at least for a few years so for now it is a simple sheet reminder of the bullet points.

If you want them, they are all available as usual in my resources

I expect they are going to change over the coming months but for now the single sheet visual of what we have to achieve will help me.

If you are reading this as a leader, you already know, you should at least offer every girl the chance of having a handbook and a record book, I will show them and give them to those that want them.  This single sheet recording is not a replacement for any official resource that every girl should have access to, and GO records should be kept up to date always.  These sheets are an extra for me to be able to keep a paper quick view for the transition period to help me get to grips with the new system.

GirlGuiding are providing a weekly programme record sheet to help capture similar information but I've looked at it and it's not giving me that overall picture.  I'm clearly a big picture thinker and I definitely a visual-spatial learner so I really needs these sorts of charts to help me manage complicated processes.


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