A Guider's job is many and yet none

>>  Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Guider's job is many and yet none,

A bundle of roles packaged into one.
A mother, a teacher, a role model, a friends,

Someone upon whom you can always depend.

She'll always have an activity up her sleeve
And with her encouragement everyone can achieve.
Gamer after game she'll merrily play

Enthusiasm ensures a day is never grey.
She'll organise camps and outings and walks

Bubbly and charming - but forever she talks.
In terms of payment - no money you will find
Save for bounties of smiles and the loving kind.

Thanks or praise are never sought
And dedication like this cannot be bought.
But thank you anyway for your work through the years
So here's to you - with big rainbow cheers


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