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>>  Sunday, April 15, 2018

We’ve had a busy spring term for outings

Starting at the snowdome, we had a great time. First the rangers went in swimming on the inflatables (not very snowy I know but it’s part of the day ticket)

Then we all went tobogganing, this was great fun. The girls loved it.   I loved it!

A short break and they were off ice-skating. They made the most of the full session time and honestly must have been shattered by the end of the day. As a leader it meant a long drive and a lot of waiting around but it was also a break from life. I like that part of leadership. It takes me away from the stress of work and home for a while.

Only a few days later we were off again, trampolining. A new ‘park’ had opened in a nearby town and we decided to give it a go. Again they had a great time.

We also went to an escape room. The rooms normally go up to 6 people, I had 7 wanting to go so I twisted the arm of the bookings team and they went in together - but without me!

I did check that there would be a member of staff in there all the time, that there was a permanent exit and that any individual girl could come out to me if she wanted to without it 'spoiling it for the others', so I was happy as they went in.  Their shouts and screams said they were having a good time and they came out fastest in the month and in the running to win a return visit.

So a successful run of outings.  I am a little bothered that a few rangers did not come on any of the trips and 2 were run on a normal meeting night, I need to get to the bottom of if this was due to money or transport or just not wanting to go but I need to be sure I'm not unintentionally excluding anyone but going out on meeting nights.

We will have a run of being inside for a while now so back to normal but it was good to get out for a bit and take the pressure off arranging activities.


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