Rangers Lego Giraffe Night

>>  Thursday, October 19, 2017

I have never got rid of Cog's old Lego chest.  It is huge, I bought it second hand from a guy at work and it is the kiddy sized Lego not the 'real' stuff.  It has Lego animals and people, house walls and house pieces.  The rangers love a Lego night!

To combine that love of Lego fun with something slightly more meaningful I mixed it with the ‘giraffe game’

In small teams they had  30 seconds to discuss how to build a giraffe out of Lego.  They had to think about the pieces this might need from the chest, types, colours and how they would construct it.

Then in total silence they had a minute to collect the Lego needed and start to build.  Then I called time.

I didn't tell them in advance that this was going to happen but they then had to move around so each group was sat in front of a different giraffe.

They had 30 seconds again to discuss what they were going to do with this part built animal and the pieces that were there and then a silent 30 seconds to build again.

They then moved once more and repeated the talk and silent build (because I had 3 teams).  And then back to their own starting point where they considered whether the final build by the last team was anything like they originally planned.

They really enjoyed it and wanted extra rounds with different challenges to build. I gave them the challenge of a tractor and then an alien.

It was a really good night.  It was good for them to split up into small teams, something we rarely do and for them to work together towards a goal.  I was pleased,  it felt like we had 'played Lego' with a purpose, actually touching one of the Guiding 5 essentials.  They were happy because they had played with Lego.



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