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>>  Thursday, October 26, 2017

Halloween isn't everyone's cup of tea.  I rather like the fun of it so I didn't have a problem when the Rangers asked for a Halloween party.  But I decided to keep it as Halloween 'light' as possible being as we meet in Church rooms!

First game up was, well,  what do you call it?!

I wrapped 2 ranger's hair in clingfilm, covered it in shaving foam, stood them on a tarpaulin and the other Rangers threw cheese balls crisps at them with the idea they caught as many as they could bobbing around.  The winner was the one with the most balls stuck on their heads.

We swapped over rangers until all had a go and we had an overall winner and a rather cheesy floor.

They loved it.

We moved onto sugared donut rings hanging from a pole to be eaten without any hands.  They decided to have 5 girls at a time with hanging donut each and keep going. in true Ranger style,  until they were all eaten. 

The squeals of laughter made my night.

I'd also taken Mummy wrap (toilet rolls) with me as a fill in game but we moved straight onto the games bought by one of the rangers:

Pin the hat on the witch.  A window sticker witch and a hoodie on the head (forgotten blindfold!) and off they went

And then 'Fear Pong':

A brilliant game plan (based on beer pong obviously).

2 teams, one either end of the table.

Cups were laid out, each had a few inches of water in and a post-it note underneath it.

Bounce a ping-pong ball across the table and into a cup on the other side.

If it goes in a cup the opposite person gets asked a question (all halloween based) to answer.  If they answered correctly they got a nice 'body part' sweet.  If they answered wrong they got a double dare sweet: could be nice, could be evil.  The post-it note is removed from under the cup and you carry on.

If the ball lands in a cup without a post-it under it the cup gets taken off the table and you just carry on until no more cups/sweets/questions/time left - we ran out of time but they said they could play that game for much longer and asked to do it again another night on a different theme.

So we had a Halloween 'light' party and they really enjoyed themselves.

I'm pleased;  we have a couple of new girls that I was worried hadn't quite fully settled in, it was good to see them on the floor with the others laughing away.

So some great new games, some old games and some games we will definitely be doing again.


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