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>>  Wednesday, September 06, 2017

The theme this year was Sherlock Homes.  So armed with highlighter pen off we went again to find 12 quiz boards.

The numbers on the map are not the quiz boards, they are simply number boards that help you work out where the heck you are in relation to the map.

You can have a map that shows the position of the quiz boards, we choose to have one without them marked so make it more of a challenge.

We went on a hot Bank Holiday Monday, the car park was heaving, any close by car park was heaving, the verges were packed with parked cars.  It is fair to say there were hundreds of people there.   The maze copes with numbers, it is huge.

The crop was great, the best in years.

As usual we covered all 3 miles and found all the boards. HWMBO came with us again this year, although slightly unwillingly.  But his OCD tendancies made sure we did it 'properly'.

It was too hot and too busy to play the games that are there every year, roll the balls into holes for points sort of thing. But lots of families were having a ball in the sun.

There are a lot of these maize mazes dotted around the country, if you haven't tried it I recommend you do. Here are some hints to help you:

Call in advance, they will tell you how muddy (or not) the paths are and if you need wellies, trainers or sandals. And then stick all 3 in the boot anyway!

Take a small backpack, with waterproofs, hats, and bottles of water.

Take cash - ours is on a farm and only take cash - I'm sure lots take card but best be prepared.

Take a couple of pens - they will charge you for a pen.

If you want to make it easier, take a highlighter pen and mark off the paths as you go round.

Ours is totally wheel chair and pushchair accessible unless it was really really muddy. They have lots of viewing platforms and helpers, you won't lose your toddler (for long) no matter how hard you try and they have quick exits so you can get out to the loos and then go back in again without having to walk a million miles.

At ours there are lots of other games and mini mazes to do as well, picnic tables and plenty of parking. It is an easy, fun day out and I thoroughly recommend it for a family few hours of togetherness and exercise....oh yes and yelling at each other debating about which way to go!

And for my own viewing pleasure, as maze post tradition now dictates, here is my maze gallery:

2016  was a bad year all round but points to us for still making the effort to go.


This was a good crop year and a fun afternoon with friends.

The weather couldn't make up it's mind, warm, sunny and wet at different points of the walk.


This was the best crop they'd had in a long time.

Dreadful crop year. But the sunflowers meant it was still well worth seeing.


The owners said it was a bad crop year. It seemed pretty tall to me, but maybe it's about the size and number of the maize itself, not just the height of the plant.


The height was there but the plants were rather lame


A wet year I think as we are wearing wellies.

2008   Again not too bad a height.

Looks like another bad year.

Cog  always reminds me that 2006 was the 'alien' year and she went with her father, not me.



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