"I am writing to say thank you"

>>  Wednesday, August 30, 2017

This is edited extracts of a letter I received from a Ranger.  Sometimes I wonder why I do Guiding, it can be a lot of hard work but sometimes I get a reminder like this of why I do it.  Across the past few years I have been ready to throw in the towel more than once but there are always a few girls that I knew were getting so much out of it and that they would suffer if I gave up.  This girl was one that I kept on going for:

I am writing to say thank you for being such a fantastic person in my life, you are genuinely a strong inspirational woman I look up to and aspire to be like.
Rangers for me is the best club I have ever been a part of and I love it.  The memories and experiences I've gained from it are amazing, from going up old windmills to just chatting, eating endless sweets with my friends to den building( I really love den building.) The trips I've been to with Rangers, like to large scale camp,   international trip and camp.
I'd like to thank you too as I know how much hard work you put in for us to have these opportunities.  Hard work that you put in endlessly pretty much alone, which is incredible that the unit is still running. Even when you openly admit you are struggling you still put in everything into giving us the best experiences possible which I am so thankful for.  Rangers has been my escape and happy place and I am utterly thankful I had a release away.
Furthermore, I'd like to thank you for helping me apply for the international trips with Guiding because my trip to  Another International trip was the best holiday of my life.  The memories I have there will stay with me for life and I now have one of my closest friends from that trip.  It's so incredible that the door you opened for me to go to country of trip meant I gained a friend from a different country through Guiding.
I have known you my whole life and you have grown in my admiration more each year.  One day I hope to be like you, your caring nature and devotion to guiding is something I will definitely take with me.
A lyric from one of my favourite campfire songs is "this is goodnight and not goodbye" from Linger because even though this might be my last official rangers meeting I absolutely intend to visit again and see you.


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