Leicestershire Round Round 9 (Bosworth Field)

>>  Tuesday, August 08, 2017

I decided I wanted to get a 60,000 step badge on my fitbit and doing the 2 final sections of the round in one day would do it. So I went alone for the first time. In all the previous sections I had found various walking friends to go along with me.  But I suspected none of them would be prepared to do the route march I had planned.

  The start at Barwell didn't bode well.

It was a wet morning, it had rained hard as I drove there and there was a  drizzle mist in the air.
The high crops soaked me and I immediately regretted not having my gaiters with me.

I couldn't see Bradgate, my final destination,  in the distance.  I had expected to and thought it might gee me on.

But no, I just paddled around the shit and kept on keeping on.

It picked up at the canal.

With amusing signage (I can only assume this is because it is 1 knot)

A birthday treat to myself at Sutton Wharf (Yes, it was my birthday.)

And a pleasant walk through Albion Woods to the Bosworth Battle Field Visitors Centre.  (If you haven't been there, go and go on an events day if you can) 

Sutton Cheney had the flags out
And the Church was charged with items by the Richard III society making sure we remember he was a good king not the one Shakespeare invented to stay in favour with the Tudors.
It is an interesting village.

Coming through the fields after Sutton Cheney was the first time I've needed OS maps,  Page 99 of the new guide book was a little confusing as there was a yellow pole only yards away from the route the round takes that has no marker.  I could have done with the book telling me to ignore the marked route.
But I made it through and Oak Ring wood was lovely.  I saw the biggest heron I've ever seen at Looking Glass Pond.
I went across Market Bosworth Park and into the town.
You know you are in a posh place when the garages have chandeliers.

This town is worth a visit but perhaps without the walking boots and backpack.  The public loos are decent though!

The path goes through Carlton and then onto Shackerstone.

This was a really lovely 12 miles (after the first few out of Barwell) with lots of opportunities to stop and eat cake.

I would do this section again (and will with one of my walking friends that needs to do it to finish the round herself)

As I was on my route march to the end I pressed onto Section 10.


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