Leicestershire Round Round 8 (Roman High Cross)

>>  Thursday, August 03, 2017

 As I've walked a lot of the round 'out of order' for convenience, it was 2 months+ since finishing section 7 in Frolesworth.

But for round 8 I was back again, starting at the (nearly) White House.

 I have to admit knowing some of the areas I was going to pass through I didn't hold out much hope of a picturesque walk,
 But it started out fairly well.
 The crops were thick and with overnight rain not yet dried off them I was wet from the start.
 But it meant there was running water in the ditches we crossed which made a pleasant change to recent walks.
Did I mention how high the crops were? Claybrooke Magna was just over there apparently.   Even jumping up and down I couldn't see it!

Claybrooke Parva was pretty unremarkable and I had given up hope of seeing remarkable when
I got to High Cross.  Just a busy road intersection?  Well yes, but it has been since the Romans were still trying to teach us to be civilised. Two great Roman roads the Fosse way and Watling Street met here.

And there was also a Roman military settlement.
 There is the base of a previously large (it was struck by lightening in 1791) monument to commemorate it.
How is your Latin?

"If, Traveller, you seek for the footsteps of the ancient Romans, here you may behold them.  For here their most celebrated ways crossing each other, extend to the utmost boundaries of Britain"

It said that and a lot of "JM hearts LC" stuff which is just what you would write on a monument.

We headed of then down the old Fosse Way, walking where thousands of Roman soldiers will have walked.  I found it quite moving in a historical way.

It lead us to Fosse Meadows nature reserve, once I had read all the signs and information boards and was ready to sit down and observe, my walking companion who had sat down immediately was ready for the off, so I observed nothing!  But I think the other observers were glad to see us go!

We headed into Sharnford and we stopped for a drink.  8 Sections in and it's the first time I've had a cup of tea en-route!

The instructions going out of Sharnford were "keep the old redbrick farm buildings on your left"

Hmmmm, I think there was a building under the ivy!

 And we were back to the less than beautiful sights, but it's all interesting.
 We skirted Ashton Flamville without stopping except to admire alpacas.
 crossed the motorway
 and walked alongside it for a while, with more alpacas.
 The path really wasn't walked much.
 Except by cows.
 Burbage common and woods was an unexpected and lovely part of the walk.  This is huge area and there were lots of people out enjoying it.
 We past under the railway line and a train past over.
 We past over a golf course.
 and under the A47.
 And into Barwell.

This was a mixed walk, some really lovely surprises like the Fosse Way, Fosse Meadows and Burbage Common but most of it was a bore not to be repeated saved only by the excellent walking partner I had on the day.


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