Rangers on the Round

>>  Wednesday, July 12, 2017

 As you know, I've been walking the Leicestershire Round this year in sections.

For one of our summer meetings I did a few local miles in it with the Rangers.

I had thought a bit about risk assessments.   I had an emergency blanket and life saver bag (makes a great make shift stretcher), I had told them to wear a coat or get wet (love being a Ranger leader for this type of comment!)
 But the cows this time of year are a real bother.  They are so curious and fast!

We did this field a bit sharpish as they decided we were worth a fast walk 'oh my god are they going to run in a minute' to investigate.

Sheep are much easier, they usually move or just give you a death stare if they are too lazy to run away.
 But it's worth it up here for the views,

 And the political discussions that happened across the fields of crops - did not see that coming!
 Because we were walking fast, we went off route to add a bit extra in.

So we met horses.  I don't think this rider expected to turn corner on a usually deathly quiet road to be met by a group of raucous girls.

It's always nice by the water in the evening.

 But one of the parents that came along (he usually comes on the walks) said "I used to play down here when I was young, I'll show you the pipes"

I ummmed and ahhhed about the risk but he went first, his daughter had also been down it before so in we went.
 It was short enough not to be a bother and long enough to add a twist to the night.
 And we added another geocache to our Ranger bag
As we walked home a Ranger said "that was a great night, we really should get out and walk more often"

I couldn't agree more.


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