Guiding Camp wear

>>  Saturday, July 08, 2017

 I decided to treat myself this year to some new camp wear.

I love my 'what is guiding', 'living off eggy bread' and my favourite 'being a ranger leader is not a hobby, it's a post apocalyptic survival skill' complete with skull inside trefoil motif.
 But all the same it was time to grow the blue t-shirt collection.

This time (ready for Brownie camp) I have added :

Guide leader, so yeah I'm busy.
 And hoodie; I'm sure they said one hour a week.

These are both fairly good quality and the sizings came out good (From Challenge The Norm)

And 'I'm a girlguide what's your super power' from Teezily with their usual bad sizing and 'it's never going to last' quality.  Teezily t-shirts are always a bit of a risk and I should remember to order them a size up but they are good fun.

My guide t-shirt pile is nowhere near as extensive as HWMBO band shirt pile but I'm making a headway into catching up.


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