Goodbye Giles

>>  Friday, June 16, 2017

So the Funeral came.

In true meeting with Giles tradition of me being a complete chump, my car broke down on the way.  I limped into the car park making a clattering that did not become the moment.  I could see his eyes rolling before I'd even stepped in to the church.

"wear pink and blue" they said "how he loved his flamboyant dressing" they said.

I bought a beautiful sky blue dress with pink and white roses all over it,  he would have liked it I think.  The rest of the mourners appeared to be in much more sombre attire - dark blues with flashes of pink yes - but the bright summer dress no.   There go the eyes again.

Still I made it through quietly and alone.

I queued up to give my condolences to his daughter and family and as I hugged her, my cardy caught up on her handbag strap and we had an awkwardly closer for longer than necessary time as I freed myself.  And the eyes have it.   But she was lovely about it, she is the most amazing girl that is going to go a very long way in life. We parted.

 I'd taken a rose with me but there were no flowers there, I was glad I had tucked it into my handbag.  But as I walked away from the church, leaving everyone behind in the hall, the sun was shining down on the war memorial and withered flowers drooped out of the stone vase.  I stood looking over the church wall at it.  I wandered back into the church yard and placed my pink rose into it and it stood proud in the sun with the others cascading away from it.  I lent on the wall for a while longer thinking what a perfect day it would have been to have gone to lunch together.

Back to the car and backfiring my way down the road past the church I felt the rose's eyes roll, a side ways grin and a shake of the head.


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