Pimp My Rabbit Bonding

>>  Tuesday, February 14, 2017

So just to recap: the outside run looked like this, but the rabbits now bonded into the same cage, were not allowed to use it.

I left them in the cage without the run for a week to settle down.

 But took the opportunity of needing to take Jack to the vets for his vaccinations and check-up to make the next move.

I put them both in the cat carrier together, took them to the vets and back in the car which stressed them both, obviously.

This means they would be much less likely to fight and more likely to want to be together when they got back.

I dismantled the middle run so Florence would be 'confused' and not so inclined to be territorial.

I put them back in the cage and opened the pipe entrance and they went into the run happily.

Whilst they played, I built a new run I had ordered, that is at least 2.5 times the size.

 It is seriously bunny heaven.

They played and played and played, jumping, running, kicking out.
 Until they went and sat back together again in the hutch.
 Jack is a character

 And the cats know it.
He did start to chase and try to mount Florence again after a few hours, he just can't seem to help himself when new stuff is around.

But Florence managed to stay out of his way and so far all is good.

I'm closing the entrance to the run each night for a while until I am fully confident all will be ok.

I am impressed by the speed they have settled down together.  It has been a month of hard work taking a lot of time and dedication.  I really hope this friendship lasts and sets.


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