Post Camp Blues

>>  Tuesday, August 16, 2016

There's something so special about living in unity in a field for a week.  So many people with one common aim.  So much good will.  Just the fact that every one bends down to pick up the odd bit of litter, offers help to carry stuff, waves, smiles.  Just being together with people that genuinely care.

I miss the tent where I enjoyed each night I was there and it reminded me how much I like dance music and wish I could go to a rave (oh to be young again)

That seeing the sunrise (even when the reason for being up is not so great) makes you feel excited because you know the day will be full of fun.

That the seemingly odd things are perfectly normal here.

That a daily hug received or just taking someone a cold drink on a hot day in a tent can make such a special difference.

And seeing with your own eyes what a difference each leader makes to all the children, teenagers and young adults we do this for.

There are so many of us that were there that are suffering from post camp blues.

Normality is so hard to integrate back into.


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