Camp Prep

>>  Friday, August 12, 2016

 It started gently with a few lanterns charging
 But my living room (and garage) slowly became swamped by it.
 New kit for me needed to be bought. I can no longer stand a mummy type sleeping bag.

I added to my own weight of kit with new t-shirts, jumpers and trainers.

 The ever growing rangers kit continued to engulf my house.

New wash tent, buckets, shelter sides, water containers, grey water carrier....
 and finally the decision to give up trying to squeeze it all into cars and just rent a van.
Friday evening was spent pitching the event shelter

 and leaving all the kit in it for the Rangers,

 then walking over (3000+ steps) to the Guide camp where I was to be sleeping (and cooking) to pitch tents.
The rangers arrived on Saturday morning and added to the pile.

But finally they had some semblance of order and ready to live in a field for a week.
And whilst the Guide camp was a bit of a distance away, being right on the opposite end of the site, I have to say the loo tent had the best view in the camp.

Happy sitting!!!


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