Sunrise through the fog

>>  Sunday, April 03, 2016

There weren't enough beds for me to stay on Pack holiday. This means I leave the camp site late at night and return early in the morning.  It does leave me tired but probably no more tired than if I'd been disturbed by brownies all night. But it has the added bonus of a  6:30 drive through the countryside.

The first morning there was a fog but by the time I got to the site the sun was winning the battle.
The wind finished the fight, and the hills cleared.
It's a lovely view from up here any time of the year.

The second morning the fog was much thicker.
The sun was a mere circle of light.
But slowly it started to win through.
visibly growing as I watched

until it made me feel rather pleased I'd dragged my tired bones out of bed early enough to be there to see it.

Then I woke all the other leaders up who may not have been quite so impressed with the hour!!


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