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>>  Thursday, April 07, 2016

So another Pack Holiday came and went and this will be the last one with this team of leaders.  I sobbed as I left.  I will miss it so much    It had become a routine known so well to me and the other leader that cooked that we were like a slick oiled machine with those ovens and the menu we used.

But I have to say a was more shattered after this one than I ever remember being before, maybe age has caught up on me.  I did have very early starts though as I didn't sleep over.

I drove to site for about 3pm to help with set up.

Did Friday's soup and hotdogs.

Made the jellies for Saturday evening's dessert.

Crushed biscuits for Sunday lunch time dessert base.

Drove home at about 10:30pm.

Got up early to be back on site for 7am.

Got breakfast ready. Cereal, beans, sausages, toast.

Prepared fruit break and juice.
Prepared salads for lunch.

And pizza toppings
The brownies came and topped pizzas and then I cooked 24 ready for 1pm, which is a bit of a cooker juggling act! With cake for afters, meal 3 is over.

Which leaves just enough time to prepare another fruit and juice break.  Then melt the butter for the crushed biscuits so the brownies can mix it and put into pots for Sunday's dessert.

Tea is pasta (2 types as one is gluten free) and meatballs (2 types), pasta sauces (2 types), garlic bread, mixed veg, cheese to sprinkle and salad followed by jelly and ice-cream.

Good job it's a big cooker.

Then get the bits and bobs ready for smores including melting the chocolate

and making hot chocolate for all.

left for home again about 10:30pm

And back for 7:15am (a lie in woot-woot!)

To make a loaf and a half of eggy bread.

Cereals, toast, eggy bread and beans.

Another mid-morning fruit and juice break followed by mixing up Angel Delights for the Brownies to put onto the biscuits bases they made yesterday.

We get the different sandwich fillings ready and then they all come into the kitchen again to make their own sandwiches for lunch (this is a harder task than you might think - it's amazing how many girls of this age cannot even butter bread).

Extra salad is prepared and lunch is ready.

To be topped off with cake and juice again before they go home.

If you add into all this the kitchen floor sweeping, mopping, oven cleaning, tap cleaning, bin emptying, washing up etc etc and you can see how it is a non-stop weekend end to end.

And yet yes, I cried with sadness not relief when it was all over.

Over the years this is the thing I have become good at.  I can do 48 hours in a kitchen of constant hard work and do it well.  And it's something I am proud of.  I will miss this team but I expect it won't be my last ever catering stint in this kitchen.  With my inability to say no and a large number of unit leaders that know I can do this, I suspect there will be requests for me to do it again sometime.


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