A few days in Brighton

>>  Friday, April 15, 2016

 In a bid to miss the big crowds Cog and I went to Brighton Thursday to Saturday just after the Easter bank holiday.

Turns out it was indeed a cunning plan.
We went to the Pavillion on late Thursday afternoon and had it pretty much to ourselves.  There were a couple of older ladies in the tea room and us, but that is all.  It really is a beautiful place to visit with a very well done audio guide.

I listened to the guide then irritated Cog by repeating it all to her as she didn't want one.

We went on the wheel just as the sun was starting to set.

So we got great views.

and a beautiful light.

 We played crazy golf ( a family tradition)
 And then walked up to the pier
 to see the sunset properly
 And watch the town lights start to shimmer.
 Friday we shopped...a lot.  North Laine and Laines. Until my only words to HWMBO over the phone were "I'm really sorry....but you should have seen what we didn't buy!!"

The wind turned cold so we went into the Sealife Centre.

I found this a rather pleasant view for a cup of tea, and it was lovely to be entertained by the excitement of the young children around us.

 The centre is rather old and dank compared to others I've been in but they like to remind you how old the buildings are and the gothic ceilings and pillars partially made me forgive them.

We spent a long time watching the turtles swim over us...again there were hardly any people in there compared to others times we've been to sealife centres.

Another walk along the pier and a few games on the slots and we were all in.
 Saturday morning the sun shone bright, the wind had dropped and we walked further up the beach a while after breakfast.

As we left for home on a clear road we could see the cars in the other direction pouring in.

We had a lovely few days and it was a break from some of the tension we have been suffering at home recently due to Cog's health.

We will go back.


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