A day at Warwick Castle

>>  Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Whilst Cog is so ill she's finding it increasingly difficult to mix with people her own age so we are back to school holidays of old with us two going out for days.

So we set off early for Warwick castle.

I thought it was about 35 years since I was last there, although COG's father told her we had been there together before she was born.  Clearly not a memorable day for me!!

The Stately Home part inside was just as I remembered it.

I loved the glass 'tubes' on this chandelier.
The weekend house party had been dusted down a few times I think but it all still felt rather familiar.

In our usual lucky way, there really weren't many people there at all.

I distinctly remembered queuing slowly up and down these stairs on my previous visit and wondering why bother when Cornwall and Wales was full of castles with no one else in them.

But this time Cog and I had the battlements and towers completely to ourselves.

We watched part of the falconry display from one of the far towers and had a look afterwards at the eagles and vultures.

There was a Horrible Histories show on at different times of the day, predictably just as the heavens opened.  Some people were very British about is and dug in.

But we headed down the 'Kingsmaker' which had been put in at least in the last decade (!) and was very good.

 We had a lovely wander around the grounds with tea in the conservatory to warm up.
 And then into the maze which had been done very well indeed.

With some thought beyond profit which for Merlin Entertainments, I was impressed with.

It was good to see living history still in progress at the Tollbar round-about on the way home.  There have been roadworks there so long (at least 3 years in my recollection) that they will also be grade 1 listed soon.

A day of blasts from the past and jolly good fun (except the journey!)


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