Not in Bologna 3 years later

>>  Sunday, March 20, 2016

3 years ago I needed help with a trip I was planning for a group of Senior Section girls to travel through Bologna and I cheekily contacted a lady whose blog I had been reading for sometime for help. She was amazing and sorted it out for me and then I wasn't allowed to travel because of my back. And bang went my opportunity to meet her.  But I really liked her,  just by email exchange I could tell she was lovely.

Varying twists of happenings and 3 years later she is living in the UK but contacted me to say she was happy to travel 200 miles to meet me in London.  YEY!

I was keen to go despite numerous friends giving me stern warnings about meeting strangers off the internet - christ, the last time I did that I married him. But not being divorced (yet) I felt my new friend-to-be was fairly safe from that threat!

I was right, she is lovely.  It just clicked.  And because she had read this blog for a long time she understood me.
And tolerated my need to take her to not so touristy spots because... bridges!

And my need to stop numerous times along the way to take daft pictures
And my love of never ending stair cases
Preferably Escher.
And she took me somewhere I've never been before.

She listened to me, and I could be honest about stuff.

And she talked so much it never felt awkward, it felt like I was meeting a friend I hadn't seen in years and I was sorry to see her go back to the train.

And now I'm just sorry she lives 200 miles away because I would like much more of her company.

But I promise if it happened again to be better planned than 2 (yes 2) cake stops and zero toilet stops. (Well maybe the multiple cake would have to stay in because...cake.)

In a current life sea of stress and struggle it was a day of ease and fun.  Very much appreciated K.


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