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>>  Wednesday, January 06, 2016

I was blown away by Elvis at the O2.  I had such a great time even though I was there on my own (and I normally like to chatter to some one else as I go round this sort of thing - although I did talk to a lot of random strangers that looked at me like I was a complete weirdo - I didn't try to argue that point!)

The film show at the end was just awesome - it gave me a glimpse of what it would have been like to see him live, what a voice.

But I marvelled for far too long at small insignificants.  A box of crayons (not for sale).

And larger significants like the sexy uniform (also not for sale!).

And I actually recall thinking I would like to have something for myself that he had owned.  It's not like me to feel like that at all normally.  I was totally besotted for a day.  Actually I came home happy with a fridge magnet and it makes me smile whenever I take time to notice it.

But tomorrow (7th January 2016) there is an auction at Graceland to buy exactly that.  Including his Guitar. Starting price $150,000,  but I bet it'll go for a lot more than that.

And I admit, I've looked through it all and wondered how big a difference some of those items might make to my general happiness and well being and finally decided probably not enough for me to spend quite that much money.  But for some of the cheaper items for a real true fan I think there's things in there that really might be worth a bid.

But browsing through it all with youtube rolling Elvis in another window, was a really good way to spend a bit of down time.

Such talent.

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