Marshmallow and spaghetti challenge

>>  Thursday, December 03, 2015

In a bid to do something actually on the civil engineering criteria, I went to sainsburys. At the marshmallows I started gently flattening and running my hands down a packet.  HWMBO looked at me gone out: "what ARE you doing?!"
"I'm trying to count how many are in a pack"
"Well how many would you need to build a tower with that spaghetti?!"

Yes, he really should of learnt after all these years not to ask!

 So I headed to Rangers armed with far too much spaghetti of different types in case there was a structural difference in their inner strength! No seriously, one Guider told me not to buy easy cook because it is a different shape and snaps really easy, so I was worried basics might also not cut the bridge mustard.
 'Tallest' seemed like a bit of an overdone challenge so I asked them to build a structure from one end of the room to the other that could carry a malteser across it. (It really is all about food!)
 The structure length was fine but trying to work out how to create tram lines that were held up with joints that didn't stop the malteser was not going to happen!
It was the day after the attacks in Paris and actually they mostly wanted to talk about that, I think without that serious distraction they would have got further with this but they all need to 'out' a lot of feelings and worry.

It wasn't as much fun as the marshmallow catapult night, I think they had to think too hard.  I'm not sure they come to Rangers for a huge challenge, they spend all day at school with them.

I think I'm going back to the 'these things have to be more fun than work' approach to the rest of this challenge badge.


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