Guider and Parent lock horns

>>  Saturday, November 28, 2015

What the Guider sees:

A girl that hasn't attended a single meeting yet this term.
There have only been 5, how could you not manage just one of them?
You only made it to half of camp.
Yes I know you came to help at the firework night and both parades, but so did most of the other girls.
Are you really committed to this?
It makes me wonder why I put so much time into something that you can't be bothered with anyway.

What the Mother sees:

It must be really tiring to try to do tennis and rangers on the same night, but you really need to keep up your exercise classes now you don't do PE at school my love, please don't give up tennis just yet.
Why are you still going to camp when you need your sleep before you go to work in the stable yard for a whole day?  I know you like camp but....ok, ok, go for one night, I hope your leader understands.
I know you can't let Brownies down and that you have to go every week, they don't have enough young leaders now to manage without you.
Yes, you can give up work so you can try to fit all this other stuff in and still have time to get your school work done, I understand.
You look so tired and drawn at the moment honey, all these extra NCS volunteer hours are wearing you out, something will have to give whilst you do it.

Sometimes as a Ranger leader it's easy to forget how full these girls lives are already.  Remember to cut them some slack now and again.

As a Rainbow, Brownie or Guide Leader it's easy to forget how dedicated the Young Leaders are turning up every week.  Remember to give them a week off now and again.

None of them have to be in Guiding at all, remember to thank them for what they do no matter how big or small.

Remember:  if Guiding isn't fun, it isn't Guiding.


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