Christmas run up

>>  Thursday, December 24, 2015

 We've done the table decorations at the Christmas Chill Out again.
 My mum works really hard for this, this year I collected all the pine cones again but it was really hard to find them this year, she then dries them and wires them and ribbons in advance.  I save cutting back my ivy until the week before and bag it up.  Other helpers bring in fir.  People can then make a table decoration for free and take it hoem with them.  It's a lovely few hours run by our local New Life Christian Fellowship.  They serve free soup, bread, cake and drinks.  have a nail bar, chocolate fountain, childrens crafts, carol's all free for anyone to go and enjoy.
 Then I went to help make the Christingles at my own church.
 I love Christingle.
 Cog and I made dairy free Gingerbread.
 And turned it into our Christmas cake.
 Despite the odd 'technical' set back.
 It turned out nice again.
Which is more than can be said for our advent candle I left burning for (slightly!) too long with still a week to go.

Was tempted to just call it the starting gun and break into the cake!

We've watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Father Christmas and Miracle on 34th Street.

We've had 'Automatic Crispy Duck night'

So just the Christmas Eve Mince Pies to make, followed by the crib service, Muppet's Christmas Carol and then Midnight Mass and traditions are complete.

Then the festive extended family fights games commence.  Joy to the world!


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