Remembrance 2015

>>  Sunday, November 15, 2015

 The Rangers went to 2 different rehearsals on the Friday night before remembrance.  We cover 2 villages mainly (although the girls come from many more).  Both rehearsals run at the same time in the 2 different villages.   I went to the one that is usually the most difficult (in terms of being pushed around by the Scouters) with the 'real' flag and left the other girls to fend for themselves at the other village with a borrowed flag.

Nearly every girl came to the Parade in the morning, I tell them this is their priority parade. The few that didn't come had very good reasons or had told me they would only do the afternoon one.

I know a couple of them took time off work to do it, one came in straight from being on a sleepover with her Rainbows.

It was our turn to carry the Union Jack in this parade and I was so proud of the girl that did it.  It is a great privilege and she treated it that way.

There were 6 girls in the afternoon that did both parades and some extras, so we had a really good turn out for both.

It's interesting, the afternoon  parade and service is much more formal but fewer numbers and much easier to be a part of.  I always feel more relaxed at the more formal one!!

That is about the different leaders, they tend to work together much better.

No Scouts turned up to carry the Union Flag in the afternoon and the Ranger that carried it in the morning overheard the 'panic'.  She calmly said "I did it this morning so I have some experience if you would like me to do it for you."

They were very happy and I was doubly proud.

The Rangers really put themselves out for this weekend, they turn up numerous times.  They catch buses to get to rehearsals, they get up early, they walk extra distances to get to where they need to be, they iron their uniform and shine their shoes, they carry flags, do colour party, lead the little ones by example, do the readings, do the collections. They do have nerves, it is hard for them.  They do have other commitments and they give a lot of time to it.  Every year I am in awe by how much they are prepared to do and give for Remembrance.   They are an amazing set of girls and don't let my moaning about them at other times let you think otherwise!!


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