Fireworks by the tea tent light

>>  Friday, November 13, 2015

Well it turn out nice again after all.

After a morning of torrential rain, the weather dried up and brought out the crowds for our local fireworks display.

The Scouts pitched the tents and put up tables for us (bless those boys) and we go in with the supplies and serve the food and drinks.  A few Scouters hung around to help if needed.  It is useful to have someone that understands their own equipment around, and will fiddle with the gas if needed - I am useless in that field.  The Scouts take down the tents in the morning too.  I think we get the better half of the deal.

The money raised on the refreshments raised goes to our local Scout and Guide hut.

9 of the Rangers came to help out.  This is the same weekend they go to remembrance rehearsals and attend 2 parades and church services.  5 of them  set up the tea tent in a working order on their own and got on with it.  A complete production line.  The others went 'next door' to cook and serve the food with the Leaders.  The girls really are awesome sometimes.


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